A Guide to

Incorporating Doscuments


Youth Justice Committees must be incorporated and must maintain their incorporation documents yearly.  This should be completed when you submit your Annual Reports to CYFS and is necessary in order to maintain good standing with the Coalition.  You can go to the website and submit the forms available online.   To download the form please click HERE.

  • Print this form for completion
  • Go down to the section Restriction if any on Business the Corporation may carry on
  • Print Schedule B
  • Print Schedule A and complete (The proposed purposes and restrictions on activities of the corporation should be attached to this schedule)
  • Submit
  • Form A
  • Schedule B
  • Schedule A – with the attachment
  • Fee of $70 will be applied – make cheque payable to NL Exchequer and send to the address on the bottom of the form.

Note:  All Directors / Volunteers must be noted on Form A (if there is NOT enough room under incorporators, just attach a separate sheet with the remaining names.