Volunteer Recruitment

A Guide to Finding the Right People.

Wondering how you can get the best people on your committee?  The Community Sector Council has a great website for committees with a great many resources – FREE.   Check them out at www.communitysector.nl.ca


If you look at the “5 W’s” of volunteer recruitment and learn tips about using targeted and broad-based recruitment methods to attract valuable volunteers for your organization.Once an organization has determined its volunteer needs and has created position descriptions outlining the benefits and costs to potential volunteers, the next step is to develop a recruitment plan. The type of recruitment plan developed for the organization depends on the needs of the organization in question.

When determining your method of recruitment, it also helps to look at the “5 W’s” of volunteer recruitment:

  • What is the job/position?
  • Who do you want to do this?
  • Where will you find the person/people to do it?
  • How Will you get them to volunteer with your organization?
  • Why will they volunteer for you? (i.e. what will motivate them to come on board with you?)

The majority of people who volunteer do so because they were asked. Representatives of organizations cannot always afford to wait for volunteers to offer their services, but may need to solicit their help in times of need.

Recruitment never ends!
A volunteer can always decide to leave, therefore they should never be taken for granted. This will ensure a successful volunteer recruitment strategy.